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  Mould and Die Steels
Steel supplied by STIACK is per International Standards and Specifications and has undergone strict chemical & mechanical tests. Thus you can rest assure that the supplies made by STIACK are of the very best quality.
Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steel
Plastic Mould Steels
Tool and Die Steels
Sorel Forge is known for its alloy steels used in mould making for the plastics and automobile industry.
Sorel Forge's pre-hardened mold steel is recognized worldwide for its uniform hardness and stable microstructure.

The outstanding quality of Sorel steels is assured by rigorous controls at every step of the process.

Sorel Forge is one of a select group of facilities in the world that is capable of producing mold blocks up to 59,000 pounds, or 27,000kg. A 5000-ton open-die hydraulic press ensures high internal quality and strength
in the largest forgings.
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SF 2000 / AISI P20 / DIN 1.2738
  • Hardness of 31-34 HRC
  • Improved pre-hardened mold steel grade specially designed for large plastic moulds. It has higher impact strength and good temper resistance.
  • Forged on a 5000 ton press equipped with wide dies assuring maximum deformation during forging process.
  • Forged using a special densifying process which assures optimum consolidation of centers.
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SF 2000 High Hard / P20 High Hard
  • Hardness of 34-38 HRC
  • High hardenability ensures hardness levels to be maintained at the working surfaces, even on large moulds with deep impressions.
  • Yields SP-1A-1 quality polishability. It allows high quality electro-chemical etch / texture.
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SF H13 / DIN 1.2344
  • Annealed to approx. 229 BHN (20HRC)
  • Is a universal die casting steel. It is also suitable for extrusion dies and associated tooling. It has excellent hot wear resistance and toughness.
  • Hot Work Tool Steel made by the “densified method” to enhance the density and provide great homogeneity.
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SF H13 ESR / DIN 1.2344 ESR
  • Designed to meet quality specifications of NADCA #207 and Chrysler NP 2080.
  • Provides enhanced transverse toughness for decreased risk of breakage or cracking failures related to material toughness.
  • Extra clean steel offers high cleanliness, uniform microstructure and freedom from segregation and microbanding.
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SF 5 / AISI P20 / DIN 1.2311, 1.2312
  • SF- 5 is a modified AISI-4130 alloy steel with higher chromium and molybdenum contents.
  • It is a prehardened steel for molders, ladders and dies applications.
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  • Cut to size plates as per customers requirements and specifications
  • Machined options include:
      All six sides square milled
      Rotary Grinding
      Surface Grinding
  • We also offer Band Saw / Profile cutting facilities for raw material requirements