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  Danly IEM , USA
Danly IEM , USA
Die Sets, In-Die Tapping, Die Springs, Cams, Wear Products, Bushings, Benders etc.
Danly IEM is the leading manufacturer of die sets, die making supplies and components for industry in North America. For the past 80 years, Danly IEM has provided high quality products and services, innovative development, and custom products. The Danly IEM product set includes a wide range of catalog die sets, guide posts, bushings, die springs, punches, air presses, wear plates and cams, and other diemakers supplies.

Danly IEM is the name for trusted solutions and innovation for the global parts forming industry.
Die Springs  
  • Springs available in ISO and JIS standards
  • Danly IEM packs 15% more metal into every inch resulting in greater load bearing strength into every coil
  • Danly springs will give you 30% more life than any other spring manufacturer and this has been proven through experimental trials
  • Danly IEM uses ‘Clutch spring quality chrome silicon wire’, this limits the depth of surface defects, the starting point of cracks and is ‘vacuum degassed quality wire’, this decreases the incidence of inclusions and other impurities which can reduce spring life.
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ISO Springs Catalogue
JIS Springs Catalogue
In-Die Tapping  
  • Cost Saving
  • In-die tapping saves money
  • Danly has multiple tool options to tap hole sizes up to M8 or 5/16”
  • Die designers can chose from many mounting options
  • Roll form taps provide long life and higher speeds
  • Rapid TAP software is free and helps customers design dies incorporating the IEM tapping tools

Tap coatings improve performance and extend tap life

  • Hi speed tapping attachments to tap standard threads in-die
  • Various units which are flexible enough to incorporate roll form taps across the range
  • Special cam driven units to tap at angles and thickness upto 8 mm (threads up to M8)
  • Standard operating speeds: 20 ~ 60 spm (maximum 100 spm)
  • Standard units can tap sheet thickness upto 4.5 mm & threads upto M5 (vertically)

  • Tapped parts are completed in 1 operation
    – Parts come off the press complete
    – No need to handle parts and transfer to second operation
  • High level of consistency in tapped parts
    – Reduction in the possibility of human error
    – Introduction of sensors qualify parts in real-time
  • Tapped hole costs are reduced
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All IEM Cams provide excellent performance and are designed with heavy duty high volume production in mind
Types of cams:
  • External / outboard box style
  • Internal / inboard box style
  • Mini-cam / barrel style
  • Aerial / flying
  • Die mount
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Wear Products  
Vacuum impregnated graphite plugs offer longer wear life. Available in steel or bronze.
What products do we offer
  • Steel
  • Bronze
  • With Graphite
  • Without Graphite
Die Cover Film  
  • Form decorative / pre-painted metals in your existing metal dies without die marks
  • Ideal for Press Brake Forming Applications & small drawn parts
  • Reduce / eliminate rework & eliminate scoring by using DCF in your metal forming jobs
  • Available in thicknesses 0.2 mm & 0.5 mm
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  • Can bend straight profiles at any angle (max. 120° overbend)
  • Tolerance of 0.5 degrees and forming tonnage reduced by 40 ~ 80%
  • Bending with zero marks & extended life (100,000 cycle maintenance)
  • Can operate at high operating speeds & tool can be mounted easily on any press
  • Maximum sheet thickness upto 4.5 mm
  • Specialized solutions for multiple bends in one stroke
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Pins and Bushings  
Plain Bearing/Bushing System Ball Bearing System
  • Consists of guide post & bushing
  • Speed limitations
  • Lower initial purchase cost
  • Precision guidance
  • Higher initial purchase cost
  • Consists of guide post, bushing & ball cage
  • Higher speed applications
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PU Springs & Strippers  
  • Specially formulated for metal forming, greater abrasion resistance & can work at higher pressures with added durability
  • FORMATHANE springs (95A) are available for light, medium and heavy duty service.
  • The I.D. of all FORMATHANE springs and strippers are molded slightly undersize to
    provide for a “press fit” onto the punch body.
  • FORMATHANE strippers provide high blank-holding pressure on the downstroke and
    stripping pressure on the upstroke thus ensuring less jamming of blanks.